About Us

About Us

Med One was launched in 2004 by founders who wanted to build a company which incorporated their values and culture. Owners at Med One previously worked at billion dollar companies. Their goal is to take the “good” from large business (professionalism, structure, processes) and avoid the “bad” (politics, not caring, slow response, etc.). The company president/founder is a former Disney executive who brings a focus on quality and service excellence.

When we discovered that 97% of referral sources select a provider which “gets it right the first time” and that 77% of referral sources prefer a provider with multiple products and services... we decided to build our company around these two pillars. Of the 115 home healthcare providers in Arizona which provide one or more services, Med One is “One” of only two companies in Arizona providing all services: wound, infusion, ventilators, powered mobility, enteral, urology, respiratory, sleep and durable medical equipment. Doing so helps Healthcare Professionals connect patients with the equipment and services they need.

Of the 10 million Medicare Beneficiaries discharge from acute care hospitals each year, more than 66% have two or more chronic conditions, while 14% have six or more. Typically, this patient population will need multiple services.. As a patient’s disease progresses or improves, it’s important that proper equipment and services are provided to match the current healthcare need. A provider, like Med One, ensures that the different pieces of equipment work together properly towards patient wellness. It’s also easier for patients to work with a single provider, like Med One, rather than dealing with multiple providers and the complexity of tracking which company to call for which piece of equipment.