Advanced Wound Care

Some may ask why use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) over other topical treatments.

NPWT provides Sub atmospheric (negative) pressure facilitates wound healing in those wounds that have failed other wound treatment attempts.

NPWT uses the body’s own defense mechanism to enhance wound healing, with collection of excess wound fluid, while maintaining a moist wound environment. NPWT is used often when other topical, advanced wound care products failed.

Primary Benefits of NPWT Treatment:

Edema reduction (less swelling and inflammation)
Excess fluid removal
Macro-deformation occurring within the wound resulting in wound contraction
Micro-deformation occurring at a cellular level resulting in a mechanical stretch of the cells

Secondary Benefits Include:

Angiogenesis – new blood vessels formation from pre-existing vessels
Formation of Granulation Tissue – growth of small blood vessels and connective tissue in a full-thickness wound

NPWT treatment also reduces bacterial bioburden – the number of bacteria living on a surface which has not been sterilized