Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals Overview


This section is for Healthcare Professionals (physicians, discharge planners, case managers, nurses, medical assistants, surgeons, healthcare facility managers, and so on).

This section is NOT intended for our general patient population.

For each product category listed on this webpage, we detail the advantages of working with Med One, our clinical programs, discharge processes, measured outcomes, order forms, insurance lists, and qualification guidelines.

Working with Med One offers Healthcare Professionals important benefits:

1. A fast response rate. Our customer service team has extensive experience with qualifying guidelines to get your order approved as fast as possible. We have a broad list of insurances.

2. Easy discharge forms and processes. As a mid-sized company, we offer the flexibility to do what is best for your patient(s).

3. Simple ordering (“One” source) for multiple products and services. Of the 115 providers in Arizona, no other providers offers the full range of services and "continuity of care offered by Med One.

4. We measure outcomes for our clinical programs and for our service efficiency. Measuring outcomes shows a commitment to improving service quality.

5. Clinical programs to reduce hospital readmissions and improve patient wellness.

As a medium-sized provider, we offer the caring “touch” of a small, ma & pa provider – and yet, we have sufficient structure to provide rigorous support for a repeatable, quality experience for you and your patients. “Local” means “Accountable.”

Please take a moment to take the SURVEY for Healthcare Care Professionals. Your feedback is very important to us.

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