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Med One is a post-acute clinical care provider. It would not be accurate to refer to us as a “DME.” 

Our philosophy is to provide “ONE” source for the equipment and services patients need while convalescing at home. It is easier for discharge planners, better for patients, and less costly for health plans. 

To provide “Continuity of Care” for patients referred to us, we offer basic DME products along with our other lines of business: wound, infusion, urology, power mobility, enteral, respiratory (oxygen), sleep apnea and specialty support surfaces. Over 90% of our business is NON-DME. 

If you are seeking a company to only provide walkers and wheelchairs, we are probably not the best partner for you. 

If you agree with our philosophy to provide “Continuity of Care” for patients, we want to partner with you. Our objective is to ease each healthcare professional’s burdens associated with the complexity of ordering equipment and services patients need at home. That is why we offer so many products and services – to make it easier for you. We don’t want to be the biggest provider in Arizona – we want to be the best. 

About 30% of adults over 65 fall each year. Hospital emergency rooms see 2.4 million non-fatal injuries by the elderly, and more than 0.69 million of these patients are hospitalized. 

Med One no longer accepts Medicare DME orders. Since 2013, Medicare cut the reimbursement for DME products by 60%. We will continue to process orders for non-Medicare DME orders, and we can work with your facility to provide attractive cash pay prices.

Given the importance of discharging patients with walkers and wheelchairs to prevent falling, we recommend facilities provide loan closets – as insurance reimbursements are often insufficient for home delivery of walkers and wheelchairs. 

Due to steep reimbursement cuts in Medicare, fewer providers are delivering Medicare walkers, wheelchairs and beds. Many facilities are now providing loan closets to hasten discharges requiring walkers or standard wheelchairs.