Power Mobility

Med One Advantage

Our mobility division is not the largest power mobility group in Arizona, but we aim to be the best. We believe the two most important service elements for mobility patients are frequent patient contact and fast completion of the order. The advantages of dealing with Med One are as follows:

1. We Measure Our Outcomes

We’ve measured our Mobility Division outcomes since 2013. We measure and report our results each month (ask your sales specialist for the latest outcomes). To our knowledge, no other provider in Arizona measures mobility outcomes like Med One.

• First Patient Contact. Our goal is to contact each NEW PATIENT within 3 business day of receiving their order. In 2015, we averaged 3.3 business days to contact the patient to let the patient know “we have your order.” Contacting each patient quickly after obtaining an order allows a patient to call Med One with any questions. This reduces the number of phone calls referral sources may get about the patient’s order.

Average Setup Time. In 2014, we averaged 50 calendar days with 69 calendar days for new chair setups (we started tracking this in 2014). In 2015, we averaged 55 calendar days, with new chair setups averaging 70.5 days.

Patient Satisfaction. With the advent of our new website, we are able to obtain patient satisfaction surveys online. We will measure those results as well.

2. We Offer An Unmatched Level of Concierge Service

Our patients receive an upfront contact to let them know “we have your order.” At that time, we email the patient (or caregiver) a one page estimate of how long it may take to complete their order. It’s important that patients are informed and educated about what to expect.

We contact mobility patients at key milestones for their order to inform them of the progress with their order. We recently added mobility customer service staff to provide this extra service.

Our mobility technicians cover the much of the state of Arizona, from Flagstaff to Tucson. Our mobility technicians are friendly, outgoing and highly trained. All mobility repairs receive a 19 point inspection and diagnosis, so we can take the best care of the patient.

Patients are welcome to come to our location to expedite service. We have a limited number of loaner chairs which we can make available.

3. Continuity of Care

Our concern for mobility patients is not limited to mobility products.

For patients who enjoy our concierge service, we offer continuity of their care…including other healthcare services they may need, such as: urology, infusion, wound, specialty support surfaces, DME, and so on. It’s easier to deal with a single provider. We believe it also promotes patient wellness to have a single contact point for all the equipment in the home. The “ONE” in Med One stands for “ONE” source for a patient’s medical equipment needs.