Urology Med One Advantage

Med One Advantage 

Our focus is on patients, not products. Our company is centered around the desire to do what is best for the patient.

Referral Sources Find Working with Med One is EASY and FAST. 

• Our orders forms are easy to use. Click here for our RAPID FAX ORDER FORM.

We offer same-day delivery in metro-Phoenix, and next day delivery in metro-Tucson. Our warehouse is stocked with urological products and our delivery vans are ready to roll.

We’ve handled urology orders for half a decade. We are a medium-sized, local provider ("local" means “Accountable"). We handle most insurances (click here for our INSURANCE LIST).

Referral sources can order urological products by calling (480.835.9100), emailing (urology@MedOneAZ.com), faxing (480.729.6999) or ordering online through our billing system (call our office for instruction on how to accomplish online ordering).

We have 11 sales specialists in Arizona who can come to your location to assist with urology order processing, urology product information or in-service about Med One’s menu of product offerings.

Patients Like The Support They Receive From Med One.

Patients receive monthly follow-up calls. 

Our Nurse Practitioners offer 24/7 clinical support. 

Our insurance specialists work with health plans to minimize out-of-pocket payments for patients. We offer discrete delivery. 

Patients can call, email or order resupply products online through our website.

We specialize in PECO Medical catheters with proprietary manufacturing which offer the smoothest catheter eyelets on the market. We also carry high quality products from leading manufacturers (Hollister, Rochester, Coloplast, Covidien, Astra, etc.).

Continuity of Care. 

Patients needing urological supplies may also require other healthcare services. It is easier for patients to contact a single provider for all their healthcare equipment needs.

For the patient’s convenience, our “umbrella” care includes: mobility, infusion, respiratory (oxygen), enteral feedings, durable medical equipment, etc.

Patient wellness improves when patients receive what they need, when they need it and have “ONE” source for all of their equipment needs and follow-up healthcare questions.