Med One Advantage

Med One offers a full-service, ADVANCED WOUND CARE PROGRAM. Some of the advantages of working with Med One on behalf of wound patients include:

Same outcomes. NPWT is becoming a commodity. The Genadyne NPWT pump provides the same clinical outcomes as other large competitors.

Fast discharge with easy-to-use order forms.

Better foam.

Small unit. The NPWT pump is smaller (weighs less) than most NPWT pumps (we’ve tried the pumps from all manufacturers).

Easy-to-use Pump.

• Disposable Pumps. For certain wounds.

Standard Wound Care Supplies.

Pressure Mapping. To help reduce stress on certain wounds.

Therapeutic Support Surfaces.

• Nursing. We arrange for our own wound nursing. We coordinate home health nursing for our patients. Our WOCN provides clinical monitoring of patients.

• Continuum of care.
We offer support services related to wound care: infusion, urology, oxygen, mobility and other products to ease patient discharge.

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