Wound Program Overview

woundcare therapist 2

To promote patient wellness and to best treat wound progression, Med One provides a range of wound products and supplies. - from basic wound supplies to specialty support surfaces to negative pressure wound therapy. Have "One" company to handle all your wound care needs is easier than dealing with multiple providers.

Our "continuum of care" offers healthcare professionals "One" source for all wound care needs, and "One" call-point to help as a wound progresses up or down the disease state continuum. This also offers the prospect of saving healthcare dollars.

Each patient is reviewed by our WOCN to receive the best clinical care. We provide NPWT pump rentals for in-facility patients, and the same pump can be discharged home with a patient. Our discharge process is simple, easy and quick.

We provide coverage throughout Arizona and we arrange for home nursing visits.

As a full service provider, we can simplify the discharge process for wound patients by providing other patient needs; Infusion, Complex Mobility, Urology, Hospital Beds, Support Surfaces and Basic Home Medical Equipment.