Between 2010 and 2050, the senior population in the United States is expected to reach 88.5 million, or 20 percent of the U.S. population, greatly increasing the need for senior care.

Taking care of the elderly will become an even more significant element of the “continuum of care.” As our elderly population increases, they will require higher levels of health care that are more affordable and can be delivered at home. Many seniors have a strong preference for where they want to receive care. Multiple studies and surveys have shown that 80–90 percent of seniors prefer to age at home. Senior citizens not only prefer a more comfortable, familiar environment, but also want to retain as much independence as they can. Financially, home health care is less expensive than live-in facilities with similar one-to-one service levels.

Med One was created in 2003 to address these trends…. to provide the highest quality of care for the patients entrusted to our care at an affordable price.

We treat our patients like family. Med One Healthcare has been the source for medical supplies and equipment in Arizona for years, because of our superior commitment to provide the absolute best in product quality and customer service. Our highly trained staff helps patients make the best choices for their needs, while providing friendly service and expert advice. Every effort is made to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and efficient as possible. Our business is your good health.

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