Our Vision

Our Vision

Med One is a “clinical care provider”, with highly effective clinical programs to improve patient wellness.

Great companies find a “need” in the marketplace and then solve the need in a superior way.

For health plans and healthcare professionals, our brand is our promise to “ease the burdens" associated with obtaining products and services to take care of patients. The healthcare industry can be complex and complicated. We strive to provide a pleasantly simple service (“ONE” stop for multiple services). When healthcare professionals think of Med One, we hope they feel…”ONE call – that was easy!” That requires operational excellence on our part.

For our patients, we distinguish ourselves with concierge service which is “on time”, kind and complete. Our “brand” is our promise to perform ahead of expectations and to be above average. Our aim is to provide a “concierge” service – “ONE” stop for all questions handled with care and concern.

The quality of our team is important to provide quality care and to handle the complexity of our business model. Our company culture and values binds our team together in purpose. To fulfill our mission, we hire and develop the “best” medical people in our market.

We believe in collaborative disease management - involving the patient, physician and healthcare provider(s) - to make difference in patient lives by yielding outcomes of:

Reduced hospital readmissions
Reduced ER visits
Improved patient functional ability
Enhanced quality of life