Power Mobility

Power Mobility


Med One has been processing orders for complex mobility for over a decade. We have considerable experience with complex mobility, including a comprehensive insurance list. Navigating mobility orders through the insurance authorization process is complicated.

Our objective is not to be the biggest mobility provider. There are plenty of national and multi-state, regional mobility providers filling this niche.

Our desire is to be the best in the Southwest U.S. Based on our research and experience, that requires:

1. Communicate accurately and frequently with the patient. Referral sources don’t want to get calls from patients asking “what is going on with my order?” We contact each new mobility patient, obtain an email address and send off a flyer estimating how long it will take for their order to be complete. We contact patients after certain milestones in their order have been completed, so they are informed and can set reasonable expectations.

2. Provide highly competent order processing. In other words, don’t waste a referral source’s precious time with sloppy or misinformed mobility order processing! Get the order right the first time!

3. Complete each order QUICKLY. We’ve found the best way to complete each order quickly is to internally measure our results. For several years, we’ve been tracking how long it takes Med One, on average, to complete a mobility order. Based on our research, we believe we provide the fastest service in our market.

We have an ATP and service techs in each of our locations. Our mobility Intake team is fantastic and responsive. They are very knowledgeable in each step required to complete a mobility order.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you how well we perform with complex mobility orders.