Update My Account

Update My Account

Given the inherent complexity of medical billing, it is very important that you notify Med One immediately of any changes to your patient account information: street address, email address, phone number, emergency contact, insurance provider (have you changed insurance companies?), etc.

Please email us with any changes to your account. Please include your full name, date of birth and Med One account number (if possible) so we can access your account to make changes.

If you no longer need the medical equipment provided by Med One, please email us and let us know.


Patient Name (first, last)

Patient Date of Birth (DOB)

Patient Street Address, City, Zip Code

Patient Phone Number (indicate home, office or mobile)

Patient Insurance Company

Patient Email Address

Emergency Contact

Account # (if available)

Providing prompt and accurate account information will expedite the time needed to handle any billing or patient support issues going forward.