Our Values and Culture

Our Values and Culture

As a service provider, we are in the “people” business. While technologies, processes and policies can provide solid operational support, “success” in a service company is ultimately based on each employee handling a patient’s order consistent with our brand.

Our defined value system governs our hiring and management practices. The company’s ten key values are reviewed the first day on the job, and discussed at each internal staff meeting.

You will hear the word “culture” often mentioned at Med One. Employees are evaluated based on our company values. For example, if an employee doesn’t have “joy” in taking care of patients (one of our ten values)…Med One is not the right place for the employee.

We are not the biggest provider, so we try real hard to be the best. Our goal is not to be a provider for every referral source, but to be a valued partner for those referral sources who care about patient care as much as we do.