Wound Care Overview

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To promote patient wellness and to best treat wound progression, Med One provides a range of wound products and supplies. - from basic wound supplies to specialty support surfaces to negative pressure wound therapy. Having "One" company to handle all your wound care needs is easier than dealing with multiple providers.

Patients deserve the most advanced wound treatment available. Our wound team is focused on delivering the advanced treatments necessary to heal wounds and better the lives of patients.

Med One provides advanced wound therapies to help prevent and treat the following types of conditions:

• Chronic Wounds - Do not heal in an orderly set of stages and in a predictable amount of time (a wound not healing within 3 months is often considered chronic).
Acute Wounds - Occur as a result of surgery or trauma. They move through the stages of healing within a predicted timeframe.
Traumatic Wounds - A severe break or injury in the soft tissue of the skin (abrasions, lacerations, puncture, etc.).
Subacute Wounds - Wound with sections of the wound under the skin.
Dehisced Wounds - A surgical complication where a wound ruptures along a surgical incision.
Diabetic Ulcers - An open sore or wound occurs in 15 percent of patients with diabetes and is commonly located on the bottom of the foot.
Pressure Ulcers - Localized injuries to skin, often associated with patients in long-term bed care who are not turned regularly.